Baseball in Santiago

This morning (Super Bowl Sunday morning), we had a great time playing baseball with a group of boys and girls in Santiago, Chile.  For more details, check out my blog on the get together.   Like most places in South America, baseball isn’t nearly as popular as soccer, but they have a good up-and-coming program here in Santiago, with a couple of 12 and under Little League teams, a 13-15 year old team, and an adult league.  Our hosts, including Coach Luis Hernandez, were fabulous, and it was great to get out and play baseball in the warm Chilean summer sun!


One comment


    Congratulations for your project. I just finished to read a news article on I play in a french baseball team and I try to developp baseball in elementary schools, especially for the kids between 7 and 12. On may 22nd and 23th, we will organize a baseball meeting for 300 to 400 kids. We will show them the rules of this fabulous sport and how to play.
    Have a nice trip all around the world !

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