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Baseball in BA!

On February 9th, 2008, we played a terrific game of baseball in Buenos Aires.  We were hosted by some fabulous Argentinians, including Jorge Marcelo Ramia and Lucia Garcia Labat.  The weather cooperated, and about 35 players were present.  We had a spirited game, and you can check it out on our blog


Baseball in Santiago

This morning (Super Bowl Sunday morning), we had a great time playing baseball with a group of boys and girls in Santiago, Chile.  For more details, check out my blog on the get together.   Like most places in South America, baseball isn’t nearly as popular as soccer, but they have a good up-and-coming program here in Santiago, with a couple of 12 and under Little League teams, a 13-15 year old team, and an adult league.  Our hosts, including Coach Luis Hernandez, were fabulous, and it was great to get out and play baseball in the warm Chilean summer sun!

Baseball In Lima

Under crystal clear blue skies in dry Lima, Peru, we played baseballtoday (January 16th, 2008) with a great group of kids and coaches.  Baseball isn’t a popular
sport in Peru, at least not yet, but these coaches were enthusiastic,
and doing a great job with some really terrific kids from Callao,
Peru.  Their program includes kids from 9 through 15, and they have a
couple of respectable fields to play on.  During their summer, they
practice six times a week, but during the school year they are only
able to practice once a week.

Check out my blog on this great day in Peru!

Baseball In New Zealand

In late November, we had a great afternoon playing baseball in a scenic town calledRussell, New Zealand, on NZ’s North Island.  Our point people were Ric
and Kitty Martini, who moved to New Zealand 3 1/2 years ago from
Hawaii.  Their son P.K. is an excellent player (barely missing an
out-of-the-park homer!), and more than twenty kids in total turned out
for a fabulous Sunday afternoon practice game.

The "Kiwis" are very athletic, and it was great to see them excited about baseball.  To get a full description of this fun afternoon, go to my baseball blog.

Baseball in Delhi!

We had a great time playing baseball with a team in Delhi, India.  The session was organized by Joel and Rachel Ehrendreich.  Joel is a senior official with the U.S. State Department and is based in Delhi.  His two sons, Cooper and Cal, played that afternoon, as did about twenty other talented players, including some excellent pitchers.  Check out my blog for more on this great afternoon!

Baseball in Bhutan!

Bhutan is a small country located between India and China.  The country didn’t have a single paved road until 1969, and to this day has no stoplights.  We spent just less than a week there, and while we were in Thimpu, its capital, we went to the elementary school there, addressed the 1,300 student body, met with the principal, and played over two hours of baseball with 30 very talented and energetic sixth graders.  For more information, and for our photos on this fun event, go to my blog.

Baseball in Bangkok!

Yesterday, October 21st, we played for three hours with a very enthusiastic and talented group of children (boys and girls) in Bangkok, Thailand.  Go to my blog for a full report:  It was interesting on a few fronts.  First, the number of kids playing was impressive — over 120 for an "off season" practice.  Second, the team has a corporate sponsor, Minebea, a Japanese-based multi-national company with a large plant in Bangkok.  A number of the players and coaches are Japanese, generally with some tie  to Minebea.  It was great to see Japanese and Thai children playing baseball together so well, and happily. 

The teams here are involved with the Little League, and have competed in feed-in tournaments against very strong teams from places like Taiwan.  We saw some excellent players, and my bet is that we’ll see some excellent progress in baseball in Thailand in coming years.